Financial Advantages And Challenges Of Mcdonalds: Mcdonald's Restaurants

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1. Jollibee had always been a customer favorite from the start. The Tans’ hamburgers, a home-style Philippine recipe was one of the favorites on customers list because of its spicy taste. Jollibee had been doing great for themselves from the year 1992 all the way through 1996, looking at the financial statements Jollibee was consecutively increasing in total sales, total stores at end of each year, company owned stores, and franchises, as shown in Exhibit 1. When McDonald’s entered the Philippines market, it was then when Jollibee first encountered a real competitor. Even though Jollibee had at that time eleven stores, McDonald’s had more money and highly developed operating systems and they spent a large amount of money on advertising. Within just two years …show more content…
Although McDonald’s had grabbed a 27% market share, Jollibee at that time had 32% yet, giving Jollibee the upper hand. (P.2). After doing a market research it showed that the Philippines preferred the Jollibee’s ‘Champ’ burger over the McDonalds plain beef patty. This gave Jollibee a competitive advantage and so they took that further by promoting more of the ‘Champ’ sandwich and focusing on its taste, as well as its size to a greater extent. A major event that took place in August 1983, that gave Jollibee a competitive advantage over McDonald’s was an event where the political opposition leader Benigno Aquino was assassinated. This event led McDonald’s to slow their investment in the Philippines due to an economic and political crisis. Jollibee saw this as an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over McDonald’s rapidly growing market and therefore pressed ahead by broadening their core menu with a taste-tested offerings of Chicken, spaghetti and a unique peach-mango dessert pie, which was all formed to the taste of the local consumers. I was really impressed by Jollibee that they didn’t let any opportunity go to waste and took into consideration the event and used it towards

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