The Family I Come From A Chinese Family Essay

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The family I come from is a typical Chinese family which both parents are engaging in physical labor job. My mother is a waitress at a Chinese restaurant who goes out in the morning and come back at late night. My father is a carpenter who has a well pay. Same as other parents, my parents always tell me to work hard in school and find a comfortable job with high salary after college. However, I am not the type of person who wants to be trapped in the stuffy office dealing with boring paperwork. I am the person who wants to explore the wild nature, the person who wants to be the guitarist in a band. Everything about nature life, Environmental
Science, Punk and Rock music, and computer, I am more than welcome to learn. I once hoped to be a chef or a musician, but both are not classified as "well pay" jobs. Thus, my major choice is still claimed as "NOT- DECIDED." I started my educational life in an ordinary elementary school where it was close enough to walk through there. Unlike other students, I was transferred in at the middle of school year. I remember the moment I walked in the classroom, there were a bunch of new faces staring at me while the English teacher was teaching English letters. It was quite lonely to sit in a strange place with no friend. Since I was a shy kid with horrible social communication skill, it took me a lot of efforts and time to start a friendship. Four years passed, I was finally old enough to join the…

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