The Factors Affecting A Person 's Lifestyle Of Being Overweight

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Genetics is one of the possible major factors in a person’s lifestyle of being overweight. All people come in different shapes and sizes but in this case, some people are born bigger than what is known to be the average person. Parents have a great influence on their children and take on their parents habits. For example, a child whose parents are overweight or obese, consume foods that are high in calorie, and are inactive are more likely to become obese. However, if the family has good habits in physical activity and consumes healthy food, the possibility of their child becoming overweight or obese is decreased. Your genes may also affect the amount of fat in your body that is stored and where on your body it can withhold the extra fat. A correlation exists between the genetics of obesity and the environment due to the fact that families tend to share food and habits of physical activity (What Causes Overweight and Obesity?, 2012). Genetics also have an effect in hormones that take part in fat regulation. For instance, leptin deficiency, which is known to be a genetic cause of obesity. Leptin is a type of hormone that is mainly produced in fat cells but is also produced in the placenta. Leptin regulates weight by informing the brain to eat less food when it knows that the storage of body fat is too high. If leptin is not informing the brain to eat less food or the body isn’t producing enough leptin, the control is gone, and obesity is taken place. The role of leptin is a…

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