How To Normalize Obesity

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For some individuals, excessive weight seems to set in from nowhere. Between working extended hours and managing a household, there is often only precious little time to worry about professional appearance physical health. Individuals frequently blame mysterious shrinking clothes for the initial onset of weight gain. While this is humorous, the truth is that obesity is a threat to individual health and well-being. While many media outlets attempt to normalize obesity for profit in the United States, the medical community is working to help the public understand how to combat the disease to improve health conditions in America.

The Official Definition of Obesity

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) outlines obesity as an overly unhealthy
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Adult BMI’s over 30 indicate obesity. The CDC defines children with BMIs in the 95th percentile or higher as obese.

Shrinking Clothes Aren 't ' the Culprit

People grow obese for infinite reasons. The primary cause of obesity in some individuals is excessive calorie consumption. The condition develops due to variations in people’s diet, activity and metabolic rates. Genetics increases some patients’ likelihood to gain weight but is still manageable with an active lifestyle and healthy diet. However, physicians do fault smoking and excessive weight during pregnancy as contributing to obesity in children.

Poor sleep habits also contribute to obesity, which is a common theme in the West. The work environment and other settings individuals occupy frequently also exert a major influence over eating and activity habits.

Fighting Obesity with Exercise

Whether an individual is fit or obese, there are ways to prevent unhealthy weight gain. [3] The tactics include the same steps one follows when working toward losing weight; regular exercise, dieting and consistent healthy habits help individuals lose excessive

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