The Eyes Were Watching God Essay

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In Zora Hurston Their eyes were watching God, we see a major theme of love and dreams.
Janie has an image of true love, and she strives to attain it. In the story Janie’s ideal future are often presented as romantic, idealistic and symbolic to her naive childhood.
During the whole story the main Character Janie, has been searching for love all her life and she had dreams that she’s always wanted to chase but her grandmother’s teachings set her back. When she finally finds love with a man tea-cake it changes her life and makes her see life in a new way. That’s why I chose these songs. Because They connect to love and dream chasing. In my first song, “Dreams” by J.cole, we see the theme of love and finding that perfect girl in the lyrics of the song. In the song J.cole states that “ Finally she will be mine I 'll be king, and she 'll be queen when I hit her with ring At the wedding, who gon ' sing? This the girl of my dreams Is she good as what she seems? Or am I lying to myself? Ay should I try and get some help? Ay, this is the girl of my dreams Is she good as what she seems? Or am I lying to myself? Think I should try and get some help?” This reminded me of Teacake when he first met Janie. He was so sure she was the one but didn’t know how to take care of her. All he knew was that she had they keys to the Kingdom and that if they married he would be her king and she would be his queen. In the beggining of Tea cake and Janie’s love, the people of Eatonville warned Janie…

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