Janie's Self-Revelation

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In Zora Neale Hurston's novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, a prominent theme that circulated through the pages was the idea of Janie's self-revelation. Originally the context might have been about the empowerment of women, and how strong Janie was for finally reaching the horizon and achieving the self-revelation she has craving for, but in a modern lens that theme can be tossed out the window. Perhaps the horizon is just Janie’s ability to fulfill her desires that awoke earlier in the novel during the pear tree scene.The events Janie went through were definitely burdensome from not seeing eye to eye with her grandmother, to being an outcast in her own community. What stuck with me the most was how Janie had to go through three pathetically …show more content…
Many people applaud and adore Janie’s relationship with Tea Cake. I fail to see the reason why. There was a brief passing period after Jody’s death that Janie began to form her independence, and find her muted voice. She hardly had enough time to fully recover from the negative effects of being Jody’s livestock before a youthful Tea Cake entered her life. Tea Cake cut into Janie’s independent path to a strong sense of self, and steered her into a new relationship before her mindset was ready for another rollercoaster. Janie herself was at fault for falling blindly for Tea Cakes charms. It does not take much for Janie to “fall in love” or get wrapped up in the contours of lust. She fell for Tea Cake because he taught her how to play chess, which Jody refused to let her play. Another reason for Janie’s falling in love with Tea Cake was because he was “aiming to make himself permanent” with her. Because of Tea Cake’s soft words, Janie’s past failed relationships, and Janie’s desperate want or need, which ever it maybe at this point in time, she clings to Tea Cake pathetically as he shows her the world she missed out on after being tied down to Killicks and Jody. Granted, one could argue that Tea Cake put his life into the hands of Janie when he taught her how to shoot a gun,, but his need to slap her around to prove that he was still the macho man their corrupt society looked up to completely tarnished what would otherwise have been a stable relationship. Well, that and him taking her money to throw a party and not bothering to invite her or let her know about his

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