The Eyes And Ears Of The Matter Essay

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The Eyes and Ears of the Matter I was born to father working in electronics company and a mother working in local insurance company. I have hard time recalling my early days of my life. But I do remember that my parents loved to take pictures. Even to this day I see numerous pictures my mother had taken. I do not have a clear memory when I was an infant but I do remember where our family went. One place I remember is local public park. This park had lots of flowers during spring so my mother enjoyed to take my picture in the backgrounds of plants. Another place I remember is art museum. My parents loved going to zoos and museums. We almost traveled every week to visit a new museum. Back then I had no clue why my family loved going to museums but now I understand and really enjoys recalling that experience. Among many museums me and my parents have visited, the most memorable ones are aquarium in San Diego California. There were numerous sea creatures that you cannot see in local pet store and especially interesting to me was Killer Whale shows. To me as a young child these whales gave me an awe and love for the wild life sea creatures.
When I was four my younger brother was born. My parents came home with my younger brother in their hands. That experience was so memorable to this day that I still remember the first second my younger brother entered the door. When I was 5 years old, I and my parents went to San Jose California because of my father’s job assignment. This was…

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