The Eye On The Sparrow Essay examples

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Ethel Waters overcame a very jagged childhood to become one of the most well known African American entertainers of her time. Her story, The Eye on the Sparrow, goes in to great detail about her life and how she evolved from taking care of addicts to becoming the star of her own show. Ethel was born by her mother being raped. Her father, John Waters, was a pianist who played no role in Ethel’s life. She was raised in poverty and it was rare for her to live in the same place for over a year. Ethel never fit in with the rest of the crowd; she was a big girl, about five nine when she was a teenager, and was exposed to mature things at a very young age. This is what shaped Ethel to be the strong independent woman she is. Waters mainly grew up in the North. The North and South treated people inherently different. The South resembled old hicks who were uneducated and mostly “crackers”. The North thought they had everything figured out and they were better than the South. Ethel performed many shows in Atlanta and the demeanor of white folks in the South astonished Ethel. Cracker is a common term for white people that have a similar meaning as Negro for the colored community. Ethel explains, “My biggest surprise of all has been the reaction of white people who wear their tolerance like a plume when I tell them I’ve never minded even slightly being a Negro” (93). This passage stood out to me. It says a lot about the thoughts white people had on colored people. Not only does this…

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