The Explicit Level Of Culture Essay

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The explicit level of culture could influence a child’s development during their childhood because the culture that the child lives in might be different than the culture they were born in. An example of explicit this would a Jewish child that is in school would see that Christmas is celebrated instead of Passover(Passover is celebrated for seven or eight days depending on if one lives in Israel, unlike where Christmas is only celebrated on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) if they are in a country that celebrates Christmas. There are many examples of explicit cultures that could influence a child’s developments like televisions, peers, and games and also if they live in a different country then they were born in they are influenced by what they see in the country they are raised in instead of being influenced by their birth country.
The implicit culture level might influence a child’s development because if they are raised in the country they are born in, then they will be influence by that country’s values, meanings and philosophies. Though if a child that is raised in country that they were not born in then the values, meanings and philosophies might be different from the country that they were native from and might make them distance from what their parents believe in.
2: Think about what you have learned about growing up in a bicultural/bilingual environment from your readings and the video presentations featuring Eugene Garcia. Summarize at least three (3) points that…

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