The Experience Of Police Brutality

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It was not until this moment I witnessed police brutality first hand. It’s a summer night my brother and I went to the liquor store. While my brother was at the counter purchasing merchandise inside the liquor store I stood behind him next in line. As he was purchasing the merchandise from the store two caucasian police officers came charging into the liquor store. One of the officers grab my brother’s head, slamming it against the counter and placing his arms behind his back. The experience of me witnessing this event was demoralizing. At first glance the police indicated that my brother fit the description of a suspect. After the altercation, the police officers let go of my brother when they realized he was not the suspect that …show more content…
Police brutality can involve physical encounters, but can also include verbal encounters as well. Police brutality is a lingering topic that influences the way the public interpret police officers. Police brutality has much to do with force. It is well understood that reasonable force from police officers is necessary when dealing with civilians. However, police reasonable force is limited to whether a police officer’s response is due to the fact that the officer felt threatened (Kevin). In many cases police brutality in America, police officers are often times a different ethnicity than the person the officer is brutalized. For example, Rodney King who was a black man was brutalized by several caucasian officers and the event caused havoc. There are increasing rates of police brutality on blacks (Chaney). Thirty-three percent of police officers in America charged with police brutality actually get convicted for the charge. These police brutality rates include cases against minorities (Dantes). Nearly two years ago Michael Brown was unarmed and was killed by a police officer who did not get indicted. The effects of police brutality goes beyond physical aspects (Onyemaobim).

The solution to stopping police brutality is through the use of body worn cameras. With the use of body worn cameras in America, the number of police brutality cases will decline because body cameras
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(National Institute of Justice) Since about 25% of the police in the sample did use body worn cameras, it is expected the about one fourth of the police population did not wear body cameras in 2014 also. About 60% of police brutality cases are physical About 14 % of police brutality cases involve a police use of firearms. (National Institute of Justice) In the recently memory there have been many incidents between the police and civilians that led to controversies around the nation. For example, Michael Brown got into an altercation with police and caused major controversy. Also Aston Sterling got killed in an incident with two police officers and the entire incident was caught on camera from one of the police worn body cameras. The body cameras caught most of the incident and it was clear that one of the officers took their camera. The body camera reveal the incident on social media. The video in the camera had a negative effect on the public. Organizations such as, Black Lives Matter have responded in an aggressive way. Often times the public can show form of violence as a result of police brutality. The responsibility of the police departments are to lower crime rates as much as possible and help maintain order in the society. Freddie Gray died from injuries that he suffered in police custody, riots broke out after the footage was

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