How Do Police Body Cameras Reduce Police Violence?

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It is common for the poor to lack vital resources for survival because of the concept of the poor economic inequality among minorities. As a result, cities with a greater population of African individuals are regularly targeted by police violence due to the poor city condition and the monetary inequality. These urban conditions encompass a negative way of life that includes low income households, unsanitary surroundings, and crime associated habits. Consequently, underprivileged minority communities are perceived as very dangerous due to the fact that those who live in these communities frequently are associated with gangs. Lack of money and support from family contributors is the main reasons of crimes. Unlike the upper class, the poor communities have plenty of unsolved issues like gangs, prostitutions, and …show more content…
They are all facing the suspect. Most of the time, the force of police officers does not match the crime, if theirs any at all. Police body cameras only would have shown citizens’ livid responses, missing those officials’ provocation. Body cameras considerably have a greater chance of capturing evidence in opposition to the citizens than ensuring them. The supply of body cameras has truly deceive the united states into believing that we can solve the problems of racial profiling and police violence without holding police officers to blame due to their actions. “Perhaps the most telling recent incident involving body camera footage occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina, in September. Keith Lamont Scott was sitting in his car when Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers approached the vehicle. As he exited the car, police shot him four times. Police first alleged he had pointed a gun at them, but witnesses said it was a book. After the police chief declined to release the body-camera footage of Scott’s shooting, protests and riots broke out in

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