Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras Essay

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Recently there has been a lot of controversy regarding whether policemen should be required to wear body cameras or not. Body cameras are a video system worn by policemen to record their interactions with the public or gather video evidence from a crime scene. The idea of policemen wearing body cameras has been taken into consideration because of the numerous incidences between the community and police resulting in either police brutality or the death of a civilian. One popular case is that of Michael Brown from Ferguson, Missouri. Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed by a police officer who pled that he killed Brown due to self-defense. The court failed to indict the police officer of the shooting which caused uproar in Ferguson leading to the community to continue to distrust the police department. Community leaders called for all police officers to be equipped with wearable cameras because it is believed that …show more content…
After researching the pros and con of using body worn cameras, I still firmly believe that all police officers should be required to wear them. I fully understand that someone’s privacy may be in danger with the use of these cameras, but I also believe that someone’s life is more important than their privacy. Yes, a police officer’s job may become more difficult because there is more work to be done with the use of the cameras, but it is better for their job to become more difficult than for them to lose their job because they have wrongfully ended someone’s life. Money is something that is very hard to come by, but there is no price that can be paid for someone’s life. Of all the reasons for not to use police body cameras, I do not believe they surpass the reasons to use the

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