Cause And Effect Essay On Sleep

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According to American academy of sleep medicine (American academy of sleep medicine, 2010), circadian rhythm sleep disorders (CRSD) results from timing when a person is awake and when sleeps. Humans have an internal clocks in the brain called suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), where primary circadian rhythm help control the body sleep-wake cycle. This circadian clock is set by visual stimulation using light and darkness using the eyes and guides. Some examples of circadian rhythm sleep disorders are person have a hard time going to sleep, when sleeping struggling to maintain sleep, or waking up frequently during the night. There are other factor that can play why a person would suffer from (CRSD) shift work type this is where a person would change work shifts let say from morning 9am till 5pm to third shift 12am till 12pm.
This can take some time to get used too, also jet lag a condition where the body cycle are
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The fact the test conformed my suspicion what was lacking is sleep. Looking back at the sleep pattern from previous time it has change to the point that I just can’t get a good night sleep. Agree with the result after taking the test there are techniques that change would help with sleeping. One being not staying up too late, being a kid I wanted to stay up late past my bed time, but every time it was done tried the next day. Having a tough time getting out of bed, looking back I know why my parents had a bed time. Now that I am older setting a bed time is not that bad of an idea, by doing this I get a better night sleep. Two using the Tempur-Pedic bed that I paid so much for one use it a couple time in the week. The rest of the time sleeping on the couch or the lazy-boy chair, this goes with having a bed time. Just by eliminating these two should help with getting a better night sleep, and feeling rest all

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