Essay on The Evolution Of Fast Food And Obesity

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Obesity within the United States has reached a level of epic proportions causing concern for millions of Americans affected by it (Lydon, Rohmeier, Yi, Mattaini, & Williams, 2011). The causes of this profound obesity epidemic include biological, genetic, psychological, and environmental factors (Amarasinghe & D 'Souza, 2012). Research suggests that there are clinical, psychological, and biological links between food and substance dependence (Ziauddeen, Farooqi & Fletcher, 2012). Factors that assist with maintaining obesity in the United States are the development of fast food establishments, significant food portions, easy access to soda and processed foods, and lack of physical activity (Fortuna, 2012). This paper discusses my personal feelings surrounding abstaining from unhealthy fast food, successes and failures, relation to a substance use client’s attempt to stop using a substance, stages experienced in the process through, difficulty, supports, and barriers to achieving success.
The Evolution of Fast Food and Obesity Fast food establishments include convenience stores, coffee shops, microwaveable items, processed foods, and restaurant franchises (Lydon et al., 2011). Fourtuna (2012) found that there were only 600 fast food restaurants during the year 1958 in the United Stated, 30,000 fast food restaurants emerged by the year 1978 in the United States, a momentous upsurge. In addition, Fourtuna states that as of 2010, there were approximately 222,000 fast food…

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