Fast Food Is To Blame Essay

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In this new age, who is really at fault of America 's obesity problem? Many blame the fast food industries, but the full blame isn 't just on the consumers. As self reliant people that have full control over ourselves, the blame is as equal as the industries. In the last few decades the public 's food portions have been growing, companies making money off of it. Meanwhile the consumers health depleting because of it, without knowing the true harm. With no reaction to the unhealthy eating style many people eat fast food on the daily. Reason why because the fast food is reliable and faster than cooking, and with low prices it doesn 't help to stop. The people see food on advertisements and later on buy the food with seeing the calories that come with that food. Some Restaurants tend to hide the calories chart somewhere the public won 't bother to look. Families tend to go out to eat weekly, others on a daily basis. Growing up in that …show more content…
Who really knows. Growing up in a world where food is easily available, the ordinary person thinks there is no harm because they grew up that way. For example Children between the ages of 2 thru 19 have been consuming around 7 trillion calories per year(19). As school kids everything is fine. Kids play, run, scream, and that is the exercise. Growing up heading to high school there is more walking involved and having p.e as a class the students have that daily exercise. What happen when the family holidays come up in the calendar. Every year there is a family get together. Statistics show that one person alone gains about 9 pounds annually because of the holidays. This is an issue because nobody wants to give that family time. Families don 't know how much food has been consumed. Another issue is that most of American families have a weekly day that as a family go out and enjoy, usually that enjoyment includes fast food. Places from fancy restaurants to the typical taco shop or truck in the

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