The Evolution Of Capitalism In Strength To Love By Martin Luther King Jr.

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It is merely impossible to define the American religious experience, as it is constantly evolving. The evolution of the American religious experience is linked to current social, political, and economic issues. In the book Strength to Love by Martin Luther King Jr., he expresses how social influences such as race can be linked to opportunity, economic standing and its link to the church, and how capitalism has hindered and shaped the American religious experience. Throughout the book, Martin Luther King Jr., not only uses his own personal experience, but also refers back to history, and uses the personal experiences from those around him. During his lifetime, Martin Luther King Jr., was viewed as an advocate of human rights and a believer of Christ. Through the midst of political and social turmoil King stayed true to his faith and continue to believe in the …show more content…
Capitalism linked to communism goes against Christian values. A reason as to how capitalism and communism intertwine is that they are both based “on a materialistic and humanistic view of life and history” (100). Materialistic ideology and the establishment of institutions have become part of the American religious experience. However, God acknowledges that as human beings we must have some economic stability to have the daily necessities met, but how much is considered enough? In a society where a small group of CEO’s control the majority of the world’s wealth, while the majority of the world go to sleep hungry is this system just? As followers of god, the follower must not let their fellow “brother of sister” go to sleep hungry, as everyone under the eye of God are entitled to the daily necessities needed for survival. This even distribution of wealth and necessities will only exist in a utopia, as the belief of the individual has been tainted by

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