Martin Luther King Jr Accomplishments

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Martin Luther King Jr. was an African-American civil right activist. He’s important because he stood up to the racist society who believed whites were more privileged than blacks. Martin did many outstanding things to prove that judging people by the colour of their skin and segregation was wrong. This biography will cover his early life, major accomplishments, significance to other countries and positive influences.

Early Life

Martin was born in Atlanta, Georgia 1929. Martin got high marks in high school, so he skipped the ninth and twelfth grade at Booker T. Washington. He arrived at Morehouse College at age fifteen. His parents were Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta William King. Martins’ brother was A.D King, and sister was Christine
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There was segregation of blacks and whites. For example, blacks and whites had designated drinking fountains, and blacks had to sit at the back of buses, but if a white wanted their spot, they had to move. Also, in some states, there were white-only rest areas, restaurants, neighborhoods and other places. Martin sought for equality and wouldn’t stop until it happened. Unfortunately, whites didn’t like his effort for changed, so they threatened and arrested him. He was arrested about 30 times in his life. Martin kept on peacefully protesting to draw attention to the injustice. Martin made powerful speeches, marches, and boycotts. In 1964, segregation and racism was banned in the USA. On April 4th, 1968, in a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, while giving a speech, he was shot by James Earl Ray. January 5th(Martins’ birthday) is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Major Accomplishments

1: On December 5, 1955, Martin led a boycott against black and white separation on buses because of Rosa Park’s arrest due to not giving up her bus spot. At Montgomery, Alabama, him and lots of other African- Americans refused to take the bus. This boycott continued for 381 days, where 90% of African-Americans refused to ride buses. In 1964, the Civil Rights Act banned segregation on buses. 2: Martin led 200,000 people on a march called March on Washington Jobs and Freedom on August 28, 1963. This was organized for the discrimination
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For example, because of Martins boycotts, marches and protests for equal rights among all people, no matter what colour, the Congress made it illegal treat people differently because of their skin colour. Martin was unhappy of how the rules in many states made it hard for blacks to register and vote for the president. So, Martin went to Washington, D.C to talk about a voting right bill with the current president, Lyndon Johnson. Lyndon Johnson told Martin that the bill will probably not pass and to wait. During January 1965, he and other activists started a protest for the voting right in Selma, Alabama. A protester, Jimmie Lee Jackson, was shot by the state troopers. The death was the reason that Martin and the others had the idea to organize the voting right march from Selma to the state capital, Montgomery. Thousands of marchers tried to go to the Montgomery( Martin couldn’t come), but at the Edmund Pettus Bridge, a group of state troopers told them to go back. They refused and knelt on the sidewalk. The marchers did not have any violence on their behalf, but the state troopers did. They used whips, sticks and tear gas to attack. Martin arranged another march on March 21, 1965. It took 5 days and the march was 54 miles. This time, they made it to Montgomery. President Lyndon Johnson introduced Martins bill, the Voting Rights Act to America. On August 6th, 1965, Lyndon Johnson signed the

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