The Evolution And Consequences Of The Word Bitch Essay

1515 Words Nov 30th, 2016 7 Pages
Sabit S. Bhuiyan
Professor Alexandra Meric
English 110
30 November 2016
The Evolution and Consequences of the word “Bitch” over Time The word “bitch” has various uses in English language. It is the sort of word that has changed its meaning as time passed. Throughout recent history, this particular word has been often used to insult a person, in most cases – a woman. Although the word was originally meant to be the female version of “dog”, the derogatory meaning has little to no relation to the meaning itself. In reality, the way the word has been used has warped the true meaning of the word itself. The way the word is used in an insult is often referenced to a feminine trait. In the 21st Century, it is often common for people to use the word the bitch. Nowadays, it has come to a point where it may be used as the most insulting thing one can say, but then again, it can also be used to imply endearment, depending on the context. Even though the word “bitch” is used more frequently than it has in the past, the word brings up more social harm, than it does any good. The word itself holds various feelings including, but not limited to, sexual discrimination and degradation.
In her writing Bitch, Beverly Gross examines various ways the word “bitch” is used in English language. She begins by describing how they were discussing Mary McCarthy’s The Group in class, and how she had been intrigued by how often critics called McCarthy a bitch (Gross 147). She realized that the traits of…

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