Equal Rights In The Movie: Iron Jawed Angels

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Iron Jawed Angels
The movie "Iron Jawed Angels" is about a group of young females who work together to try to get an amendment passed in the United States for woman suffrage. The main character in this movie is Alice Paul, the leader of the group in based in Washington DC. She tries to organize parades, standouts, and even strikes to help get the point across that the National Women 's Suffrage Association wants suffrage for all women. Alice Paul is not just any Quaker. She is a strong minded, independent woman who believes it is women’s right to have equal opportunity in the work field and in politics. Her actions in leading this group does have its consequences. Alice Paul gets physically assaulted, thrown in jail, and even forced fed just
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Why did they do everything in their power to keep them from doing what they want or living a free life? The men loved the idea of coming home from a long day’s work and have no other responsibility. They loved the idea of coming home to a clean house, cared for children, and a home cooked meal. I mean honestly, what can beat that? Women, however, see this as being almost enslaved. They couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without the husband’s permission. They weren 't making a salary so the husband gave them an allowance like parents would do for their children. This lifestyle was brutal for most women and they were tired of it. Men were also afraid that competition in the workforce would significantly increase if women had full suffrage. Men were seriously so afraid of losing their jobs to women that they did everything it took to keep them from full suffrage. But to Alice, that’s no problem. She takes on this role and …show more content…
Early in the movie she organizes a women’s ' suffrage parade while the President is in town and a big crowd turns up like expected. What wasn’t expected though, was the crowd getting out of control and basically beating these women just for marching in a parade. Before the brutal physical attacks started, they had to endure verbal abuse. Men were yelling and ridiculing them and saying things like "hey what do you have underneath your skirt," implying that they weren 't acting ladylike and were acting like men.
It isn 't always easy being the leader especially when Alice is thrown in a women 's prison when she didn’t even commit a crime. She is told what to do and how to do it 24/7. It was like what being at home with a husband was like back in those days. When she is in jail, she goes on a hunger strike, literally refusing to eat for days until she is finally forced fed. I cannot even imagine how uncomfortable that must have

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