Essay on The Evil Of Evil Is Justified By Richard Swinburne

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Is the evil in this world justified? Richard Swinburne argues that, the existence of evil, positive bad states like suffering, is a necessary condition for the existence of a deep good then the existence of evil is justified. He believes a deep good is a good which we would choose to have even at the cost of having great suffering. Swinburne thinks the existence of evil is a necessary condition for us having free and responsible choice, like the ability to do what you wish and have your actions affect yourself and others for good or ill (107c1-107c2). Free and responsible choice is a deep good to him so therefore, the existence of evil is justified according to Swinburne. In this paper, I will explain and examine Ivan’s argument on why he believes that evil is not justified and why there is no divine harmony in the world. Ivan in Dostoevsky’s novel, Rebellion, believes that there is no peacefulness in the world and the evil was not made righteous by God. Ivan is confused at the fact that mankind are not gods, but God is God so why does he have to allow all the evil in the world. He also wonders why children have to pay for the sins that adults commit (95c3). He understands that adults know the difference between good and evil, and that they have “eaten the apple” so the reasoning behind the innocent children being punished because of their father’s sins just doesn’t make sense to him. Ivan then gives his monk brother Alyosha, many examples of terrible and evil…

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