The Events That Ended World War II Essay

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The events that ended World War II in Japan are well known. Feelings about the choice made to drop atomic bombs on Japan are varied. Some feel that the destruction could have been avoid, while others feel that the choice was unavoidable and possibly saved more lives than it took. The scientists that built the atom splitting bombs dealt with many of the same ethical questions still posed about the bombs. Ultimately, the decisions made about the bombs would affect numerous generations beyond the current one.
The courses of action taken at Los Alamos were not taken on a whim. Scientists and politicians wanted to start building an atomic bomb because they feared Germany was also making atomic bombs. Originally, America’s atomic bombs were strictly for a counter attack if Germany attacked America; however, the scientists did not have the bombs ready for testing until after Germany was defeated. With Germany no longer a threat, America had no use for the bombs. The scientists, however, wanted to finish their experiment and sought approval from the president. Lead scientists and their coworkers expressed guilt for creating such a destructive force, but felt they had no choice but to complete their mission. History tells us that the experiments were completed and that a bomb was tested. Not long after the test, bombs were dropped over Japan creating massive devastation. The simple test to finish an experiment led to massive tragedy in Japan that has affected every…

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