Atomic Bomb Decision Essay

The Atomic Bombs of World War
One man’s decision can alter the entire world’s lives. On August 6th, 1945, President Harry Truman ordered atomic bombs be dropped on Japan’s soil. The first city of Japan who was bombed was Hiroshima at a quarter after eight. The first attack killed over eighty thousand innocent people instantly. Some of the victims was killed by the radiation. Japan believed the worst had ended, but they were truly wrong. On August 9th, 1945, the second atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki which killed forty thousand more deaths of innocent people. Overall, one hundred and thirty thousand people lost their lives because President Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan. The decision divided Americans into
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The number one question of all times during World War II was “Why did President Truman drop the bombs on Japan and was it really necessary to drop the deadly weapons?” The answer to the question is hard to understand, but people never understood Truman’s decision. President Truman made the wrong call to drop the bombs because Truman and his top advisers knew dropping the bombs was not necessary to avoid getting invaded by Japan. The dropping of atomic bombs was not necessary and there were several different ways to get Japan to surrender instead of killing over one hundred thirty thousand people. President Truman was impatient when it comes to Japan surrendering to United States. Many of Americans believed Japan would have given up after few months. By dropping the atomic bombs, the Japan’s emperor could have fought back and a brunch of Americans would have lost their lives like Japan did. “Would the dropping of the bombs end World War II” was a thought in American’s minds, but they knew there would have bad consequences at the end. Those bombs were enemy and problem; they were not the solution because that caused Americans to question Truman’s authority. In an article, Professor Aplerouitz stated that “United Stated official’s though …show more content…
American supported the idea because they were thinking about their family’s safety and how Japan did not like us anyway. So, why should we spared the Japanese lives and forget how much pain they have caused America over the years. People believed Japan ignore the warning signals about the bomb talk and treated it like a Joke. In an article, America warned Japan about the atomic bombs if they do not surrender soon. The warning stated “Read this carefully” it may save you or your friend life. In a few days, Some or all cities will be destroyed and damaged by American bombs. You can restore peace by demanding new leaders who will end the World War II.” President Harry Truman believe the bombs would end World War II. World War II was lasting to long for Americans, the war was in its sixth year, so Americans started to lose hope that Japan would never actually surrender. The bombing made Japan hurried to throw up the white flag to America. The mindset of many people was getting revenge at Japan because of Pearl Harbor. After the Harbor was bombed. American Started gain confidence to state their opinions about how America needs to fights for the country and the fallen troops. American felt like it was seriously necessary to bomb Japan without any questions. President Truman and his official’s did not want to look weak in

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