Why Is Hiroshima Bombing Morally Wrong

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“It would have been morally wrong if we’d have had that weapon (the atomic bomb) and not used it and let a million more people die.” stated Colonel Tibbets, the pilot of the Enola Gay. (Document L) The Enola Gay was the plane that dropped the first atomic weapon on Hiroshima. The Colonel was saying that if they had not dropped that bomb, it would have killed more of their men (the Americans), which would have been morally wrong because you are supposed to do what’s best for your team or army. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were definitely a Military Necessity because as stated earlier, a minimum of a million more people would have died if they did not follow through with the bombing. They needed to protect their own soldiers first. …show more content…
Document G shows a picture of the Hiroshima bomb and it states that the mushroom cloud made from the bomb in ten minutes was above 60,000 feet high. A good point to look at is that the fire-bombing in Tokyo killed more people than the Hiroshima bomb. Why was there not an outcry after the Tokyo bombing? People in Japan didn’t cry out after the Tokyo bombing because they were probably already finding a better way to get revenge than the atomic bomb we had. They must’ve been planning something and had a brilliant plan to take out America. Dropping the first bomb on Japan was a very big destruction, 80,000 people died instantly from the bomb. If we wouldn’t have sent this bomb, Japan wouldn’t have taken us as serious as they shouldn’t have. America was sending this bomb as a very destructive, brutal warning. Telling them to surrender or die. Apparently, the Japanese didn’t think the Hiroshima bomb was a clear enough message and still did not surrender-- this was a major mistake they made. America then, finally dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. 60,000 people died instantly. After the bombing on Nagasaki is when Japan finally got the hint to surrender. Document I states ““…The Japanese began the war from the air at Pearl Harbor. They have been repaid many fold. And the end is not yet. With this bomb we have now added a new and revolutionary increase in destruction to supplement the growing power of our armed forces.” This message is very powerful because it is explaining that the end of the war is coming to an end, and that other armies should be scared of them because they have the atomic bomb which is more of a technological advance than any of the other countries have. After this war, America is safe for a little bit until other countries are able to make the same atomic bomb we have, and America won’t be safe anymore. It would be just like the same old days where basically every

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