Essay about The Ethics Of Using Animals For Testing

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It has been a very common practice to test a household compounds, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products on animals for a very long time. As a matter if fact it has been estimated that nearly 20 million animals are used for testing and are killed annually. Out of these, 15 million are tested for medication and 5 million are tested for other products. Report also indicate that about 10% of these animals are not administered with adequate pain killers.
Across the world, new products ranging from cancer drugs to soaps and shampoos are tested on the animals. There are many questions regarding the ethics of using animals for testing. Hence, several regulations have been put in place that evaluate and control the animals that are being used for testing purposes. It is believed that these regulations will ensure that research is carried out in as humane and as ethical manner as possible. However, these regulation are also under a lot of argumentation.
Conducted in the American Medical Association indicates that 99% of all active physicians in the united state believe that animals research had given rise to medical advancements. In fact, about 97% of the physicians also supported the continuous use if animals for clinical and basic research. The main reason behind this is the fact that scientists have found that there is very little or difference between the lab animals and humans. The tests have to be continued in order to detect information of any major health problems that can…

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