Essay about The Ethics Of The Volunteer Management Program

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Overall, the management team at The Arc, at least from what I observed while touring the organization and talking with Lisa Cahill is great. It seems as if the leadership team is passionate about what they are doing and look forward to the upcoming changes. I do believe it would be beneficial to have a position at The Arc Idaho, with an individual specifically dedicated to the volunteer management program because it encompasses a great amount of dedication and work to be a successful program. I think having an individual to work solely on the volunteer management program would benefit The Arc substantially, not only because it would allow for greater commitment and execution of the program, it would also help lessen the work load of individuals who have to work in their current position as well as help with volunteer management.

Two analyses unique to The Arc Idaho include its plan for sustainability and again, its willingness and excitement towards change. I think it is amazing that The Arc Idaho has plan for sustainability. Working towards gaining the knowledge and data crucial for sustainability in the Treasure Valley was another service learning project conducted by students in our class. Planning ahead and trying to gauge how many individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities The Arc Idaho can be and will be serving in the future, is critical for The Arc to be sustainable. With this information, The Arc will be able to plan ahead and ensure they are…

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