Essay about The Ethics Of The Global Epidemic

888 Words May 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Ebola is a communicable disease through ordinary contact and is deadly with fatality rate up to 90% (World Health Organization, 2014). Since the outbreak of Ebola or Marburg hemorrhagic fever, health care workers in the front line have been fulfilling their obligations, and at the same times, facing hazards in many ways. When dealing with the global epidemic, clearly ethics is of central importance. Notwithstanding, many largely applied ethical theories are insufficient to the task and fail to effectively address key challenges. This essay falls into two parts: 1) critique the isolation of infected people from their community and family, which is one of the obligation health care workers have (mainly use consequentialism); 2) debate the isolation of health care workers themselves after expose to Ebola patients(mainly use the principle of harm).

A role obligation is a moral requirement combined with an institutional role. The role of an individual suggest the function related to the role as well as the normative force flows from the role (Hardimon, 1994). Health care workers fulfil the health providers role. In other words, the role of health care workers means an individual has the function of providing health care, and moral obligation suggests that they take the risk of being infected or even end with death. Moral obligations are based on a society’s comprehension of what is right and what is wrong and/or appeal to universal sets of values (World Health Organization,…

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