The Ethics Of Care Theory Essay

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The ethics of care perspective centers on feelings, relationships and individual needs, all of which nurses rely on to enhance their practices and respond to the needs of their patients. Nursing practice separates itself from other practices by virtue of its attitude of ‘caring.’ This universal requirement is met through its commitment to others. “Caring about another person involves an attitude, feeling, or state of mind that is directed towards another’s situation through a relationship with them” (Woods, 2011). The qualities necessary to be a dedicated and responsible nurse are the same qualities valued in the ethics of care theory.
The ethics of care theory lays its foundation with specific character traits, similar to those found in virtue ethics. Virtue ethics relies on the good character of the individual, and those qualities are then refined and nurtured. Traits such as compassion, trustworthiness, reliability and courage are all valued in virtue ethics. Ethics of care however takes those traits and expands on them to establish those virtues that individuals genuinely care about, sympathy, fidelity, love, and friendship (page 20).
As we are all connected through relationships, for examplefamilial or professional, and we don’t live in a vacuum, care theorists highlight the importance of interdependence. When we are being responsive to others we are acknowledging their value by listening to them, and observing for their cues to help understand their behavior.…

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