Ethics Of Care Theory In Nursing

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The ethics of care perspective centers on feelings, relationships and individual needs, all of which nurses rely on to enhance their practices and respond to the needs of their patients. Nursing practice separates itself from other practices by virtue of its attitude of ‘caring.’ This universal requirement is met through its commitment to others. “Caring about another person involves an attitude, feeling, or state of mind that is directed towards another’s situation through a relationship with them” (Woods, 2011). The qualities necessary to be a dedicated and responsible nurse are the same qualities valued in the ethics of care theory.
The ethics of care theory lays its foundation with specific character traits, similar to those found in virtue
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“An Ethic of Care in Nursing: Past, Present and Future Considerations” goes on to prove that point. This article states that the nursing profession, which is a predominately female, has the virtuous traits of courage, trustworthiness and wisdom (i.e. virtue ethics) which merges with the primary features of an ethic of care.Nursing practice is a true depiction of the ethics of care theory, as the interpersonal characteristics are an integral part of the profession. “The nurse’s response to the needs of each patient will always be sensitive to other person`s situation” (Woods, …show more content…
Nursing practice on a daily basis uses the ethic of care principles of sympathy, listening and acknowledging the patient’s feelings, and taking care of them. Nursing ethics fine-tunes the theory, “establishing purposeful relationships; being personally involved; maintaining trust; advocating for others; and most importantly being committed to delivering expert care” this speaks to the profession’s caring (Woods, 2011).
The article goes on to state the nursing profession will maintain a positive, vital role in the future as health care costs and delivery continues to become more challenging. Care based ethics with its focus on human rights, and dignity, and its emphasis on relationships is what will be required to help counterbalance those inevitable challenges (Woods, 2011).
The parallels between nursing practice and the ethics of care theory are demonstrated with their similar characteristics. The basis for this shared theory is the principal of caring. According to Bowden, care “is the ongoing relational practices that include concern and responsibility and is necessary for the development of personal, physical, psychological and moral integrity” (Bowden, 2001). These relationships are functional when the other characteristics, compassion, respect, understanding, and beneficence, are

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