The Ethics Of Apple Company Essay

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Apple Ethics Apple is an uprising company that has countless customers looking to purchase the next latest Apple product. Countless individuals are eager to purchase Apple products because of the way they are designed. Apple is a huge succeed because the products target the right audience. In addition, Apple is a great company that produces amazing products and ideas that everyone loves.However, ethics tend to cause controversy in most companies because of a way the company is handled, how well the products sell, or how the employees are tended. Throughout this paper, the ethics behind the popular Apple company will be discussed and shared. Ethics in business can be defined as “the study and examination of moral and social responsibility in relation to business practices and decision-making in business” which deals with the business’s morals and values (, 2016).
Apple Background
According to the Fortune 500 list, Apple is ranked number five with a revenue of $233,715 (Fortune 500, 2016). The CEO of Apple is Timothy D. Cook and he overlooks the Apple company. Apple was discovered in April 1976 and has hit its 40th anniversary in April 2016 (Rawlinson, 2016). Steve Jobs was one of the founders of Apple and contributed a lot to the company until his untimely passing in October 2011. The other two founders of Apple were Steven Wozniak and Ronald Wayne (Rawlinson, 2016). The three founders worked well with each other in order to create a company that was and…

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