Essay about The Ethics Of Animal Testing

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Ethical Testing The door opens and a rescue team walks in looking for animal tested animals. The first dog is female, starved and crawling on her belly towards the group of people. The only thing identifying the dog is the number tattooed to her ear. She is sick with “hookworms, tapeworms, and a vaginal infection, and her teeth were rotted” (Sherrow) The female dog is one of nearly 250 cats and dogs taken from an animal testing place. The animals where tested on by the Professional Laboratory and Research Service, Inc. who were paid by Pharmaceutical companies. The companies paid for the laboratory to infect the cat and dogs with worms, fleas, and tricks and then test new products on the animals. The workers of the testing facility would kick throw and drag the animals (Sherrow). Animal testing is a necessary issue, but it should be more regulated due to the ethical challenges it causes. Animal testing is an issue but it is required. Animal research can be connected to every medical breakthrough over the past century. Cures for diseases and conditions that affect both people and animals have been solved using animals as test subjects. Vaccinations, chemotherapy, joint replacement, organ transplant and may more modern advances have been accomplished by research obtained through experiments on animals (Foundation for Biomedical Research). Human lives were saved from the use of animal testing. Animals are sacrificed for the advancement of human conditions. Without animals…

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