Utilitarian View Of Ethics In The Workplace

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Ethics in the workplace has become a hot topic in today’s world. Ethics is a set of rules or principles that defines right and wrong conduct (Robbins 66). Most jobs have different ethical standards that you as an employee have to adhere to. Sometimes right and wrong behavior is difficult to determine. Unfortunately some people do not follow the rules and sometimes managers turn a blind eye to some of these issues. The view of ethics I fall under is the utilitarian view of ethics for the issues I am about to write about. The utilitarian view is a view that says ethical decisions are made solely on the basis of their outcome or consequences. This is commonly known are the greatest good for the greatest number (Robbins 67). The reason my viewpoint …show more content…
Under the utilitarian view this should lead to people getting in trouble and getting written up. Right now people will show up late and not get in trouble therefore people should get in trouble and possibly get fired because it is against policy to show up late four or more times in a quarter. When people show up late it usually is not a few minute late it usually is multiple hours late. This again will through other people’s schedules and makes it hard for you to take your lunch at your scheduled time. This should be a strict rule in any workplace because it vital to your company that you actually show up and work your scheduled time. With this view it would be the greatest for the greatest number and that would mean that they were punishing them and rewarding people that show up on …show more content…
However this is a myth because people tend to be followers and will follow the example that people will set for other. The employees are just fed up with the job, however they don’t want to get another job because they are not getting in trouble for doing the wrong thing. It started when a sales specialist just didn’t show back up to work one day after lunch and it has progressed into three or four people abusing the time clock. They have watched a supervisor type position abuse the system and have followed suit because they can. In Debunking five business ethics myths it, states, “what that means is that most unethical behavior in business is supported by the context in which it occurs- either through direct reinforcement of unethical behavior or through benign neglect” (Trevino and Brown 71). They have neglected the issues that it has spread throughout some of the other

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