The Ethical View Of Ethics In The Workplace

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Ethics in the workplace has become a hot topic in today’s world. Ethics is a set of rules or principles that defines right and wrong conduct (Robbins 66). Most jobs have different ethical standards that you as an employee have to adhere to. Sometimes right and wrong behavior is difficult to determine. Unfortunately some people do not follow the rules and sometimes managers turn a blind eye to some of these issues. The view of ethics I fall under is the utilitarian view of ethics for the issues I am about to write about. The utilitarian view is a view that says ethical decisions are made solely on the basis of their outcome or consequences. This is commonly known are the greatest good for the greatest number (Robbins 67). The reason my viewpoint falls to the utilitarian view is because only a handful of people are breaking the rules and others are being punished. …show more content…
People will not clock out for lunch and take over the scheduled one hour lunch. This happens because no manager will keep track of people’s lunches, therefore they leave it up to the individual to take it. However if you take your lunch at an inopportune time the will scold you for it. This then forces you to work through your whole shift without taking a lunch or break which also will get you in trouble. Also the biggest issue is that people are showing up late with no repercussions. This hurts people that have to cover their department longer and push back their lunch or breaks which in turns everyone else’s breaks in that department will also be pushed back. However this is not a whole store problem it is just a few people that abuse the rules and the managers have just turned a blind on what people are doing because as they like to say, “I’m

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