Essay about The Ethical Responsibilities Of Corporations

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Corporations, from Coca-Cola to Disney to Apple, make billions of money off of us. Given that a lot of people’s income goes to corporations like these, do they have a responsibility to act in an ethical manner? Should they be allowed to release products such as the Samsung Note 7 which repeatedly caught on fire? It is my opinion that they should not, that corporations should have the responsibility to act in an ethical manner as it would lead to the overall greater good.

The issue of businesses action in an ethical manner is controversial as there is the larger question of what do they get out of it? As Caroll and Shabana eloquently said in their article, “economic and legal responsibilities are ‘required’, the ethical responsibilities are ‘expected’, and the discretionary/philanthropic responsibilities are ‘desired’” (90). From this point of view, businesses are only required to follow the law and make profits for their shareholders/owners; so why bother to be ethically and philanthropically responsible? The position that will be taken in this essay is that, given that businesses make large profits off of us, they should have the responsibility to act ethically; this would then lead to the overall greater good. Everyone would be affected by businesses being ethically responsible as customers are the ones who spend money on corporations; as such, the public should be able to have some trust that said corporations will act ethically, unlike the Samsung phone example.…

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