Essay about The Ethical Misconduct Of A Court System

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This paper is going to be over the ethical misconduct that comes when working for or in a court system. Daily there are criminals being sent to prison and being released from prison; some for crimes that they committed, some for crimes that they were just there at the wrong time for. But is there ever a time where people are sent to serve a sentence for a crime they did not commit? The answer is yes. Many of the public do not have a strong liking for lawyers, judges, or mainly just people that work within the federal or state government. Reason being, sometimes you may have to question the fairness, equity or the integrity of the person to know if they are coming from a good place or not. As a lawyer this may be hard to prove especially if you are defending someone who is guilty without a doubt and you have to protect them in a way. Ethical Dilemma in Courts and Responses
Whenever the public is asked to give their opinions on the way they feel about lawyers or anyone in the judicial field, it is clear to see that there is not many confidence in the hope that the lawyers will live up to the standards. Many also feel that they do not have the ability to remain ethical and fair. The Judicial System of The United States is here to allow Americans to receive a fair criminal trial regardless of personal wealth, gender, race, and ethnic background. The laws are used in an attempt to offer justice by the interpretation of the law. Due to the provisions established it is…

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