The Ethical Importance Of Client Centered Care Essay

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A Client-Centered Approach to Shared Decision Making and Individual Patient Needs in the Clinical Amplification of Hearing Aids

This hearing science study will define the ethical importance of client-centered care in the adjustments that hearing aid recipients receive within clinical settings. Clinicians may be unaware of the psychological factors of hearing aid amplifications that can harm the patient in the clinical care setting. The use of different modes of communication and managing of hearing aid adjustments need to provide a more comprehensive link of shared decision making process between family, medical mediators, and the patient. This individual focus will be clinicians to better gauge the amplification processes that are made in hearing aids. Studies by Poost-Fotoosh et al (2011) and Meyer and Hickson (2012) define the importance of client-centered approaches, which will encourage patients to seek hearing aid assistance with a more open and inclusive decision-making environment in a clinical setting. Safety, cooperation, and individual evaluations of the amplification process in hearing aids must be taken into account in modern healthcare settings. In essence, client centered approaches will provide a safer and more individualistic environment in which hearing aid patients will be more willing to work in a shared decision making environment on the course of amplification adjustments for hearing aids. The client-centered relationship between the patient and…

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