The Pros And Cons Of Robots

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Skynet from Terminator, Ultron from The Avengers, and the robots from I, Robot are all Hollywood dramatizations of robotics. These are all extreme examples that tend to strike worry into the hearts of the viewer. Comparing the initial upbringing of these three extreme examples to today’s robots, they are programmed to increase the quality of life for inhabitants on Earth. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is intelligence programmed into machines or robots to overcome challenges. Modern examples of AIs are IBM’s Watson and Amazon’s Alexa. Watson was developed to be an intelligence used in business, capable of quickly processing large amounts of information. Comparatively, Alexa is a smart home device developed to remove stress of home life by adding hands-free commands for tasks around the house, as well as answering a variety of questions. Artificial intelligence technologies will advance quality of life because AIs provide a more secure environment, they are more efficient in the workplace, and they make residential life more manageable.
Secure environments are determined by the ethical principles being upheld in the workplace and this is one of the strengths artificial intelligences provide. There are three main ethical theories engineers are programming into modern
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However, this argument is unwarranted. Yes, robots replace the jobs of humans if the jobs are considered dull, dangerous, or dirty. However, this simply opens humans to contribute to society in a different way. It allows for humans to use their creativity and vision in a career rather than the opposite. While robots taking menial jobs appears to be a problem in modern society, this will be a long-term benefit of robots; society just must wait for the effects to kick in. Therefore, robots also increase the efficiency of the workplace and better the quality of life of employees as

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