The Epidemic Of A Polio Epidemic Essay

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Do you remember when there was a polio epidemic in America? Children died from this illness or was cursed with not being able to walk. Parents took action once the vaccine was available to make sure their child would be safe from it. Polio is slowly coming back because parents now don’t want their kids to be vaccinated for fear of autism being in their lives. Scientists have not found the link between autism and vaccine. People are slowly not getting their flu vaccine for insurance reasons, but they are placing themselves and the people around them in the ER. For not getting their vaccine they are causing more expense for the hospital bills then the vaccine fee. This epidemic is critical needing to tell people how vaccines save lives and don’t cause autism. Parents are starting to believe that vaccinating their children will cause autism. Parents are looking for the scapegoat in everything they still haven’t come to realize that autism is something that happens to the brain in utero.
“Years of research with the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, better known as MMR, have concluded that it doesn 't cause autism. Still, some parents ' fears persist, in part because of one 1998 British study that linked the vaccine with a subgroup of autistic children who also have serious gastrointestinal problems. That study reported that measles virus was lingering in the children 's bowels.” told by Education Week.
When you would be told that your child needs this vaccine you see…

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