Essay on The Epic Of Gilgamesh : The Search For Immortality

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The Epic of Gilgamesh concerns itself with ideas regarding the inevitability of human fate. As this theme of human concern is carried on throughout the poem, the search for immortality becomes the main focus. After Enkidu’s death, Gilgamesh says “How can I rest, how can I be at peace? Despair is in my heart. What my brother is now, that shall I be when I am dead” (Gilgamesh 97). Gilgamesh represents human unease with the consequences of being mortal. Concerns about death, being of importance and remaining happy are all issues humans must face within their lifetime. In the poem, the search for immortality becomes crucial because many of the concerns surrounding human fate can be solved by becoming immortal.

The human condition consists of a list of key events that every human being will experience in their lifetime. Within this list are events such as birth, growth, and death. These events are ultimately unavoidable and each individual will experience them at some point within their lives. However, because these are events that each person must experience for themselves, we fear what is unknown to us. Another cannot describe to us these experiences in preparation for our own experience. Someone who has died cannot come back from the dead and prepare us for what is to come. This is the same as if a baby were to try to describe being born to a fetus. It is not possible and this unknown aspect of these life events strike fear in us. The way Enkidu’s death is portrayed shows…

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