Contrast The Relationship Between Gilgamesh And Enkidu

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Gilgamesh and Enkidu were a great example of what loyalty in a friendship should be. Even though the story took a turn and showed a little bit of selfishness, the love of the friendship was still there. Gilgamesh was not in a good place before Enkidu came along. Gilgamesh was this miserable mean man with strength and size that overpowered many that needed to be stopped. Enkidu was a kind-hearted person with the same strength and size that Gilgamesh had, but Enkidu did not use his size and strength in a negative way, he used his gift to help others in need. The two were totally opposite people, but one could help the other become a better and happier person. Once Gilgamesh and Enkidu met, they would become inseparable.
In the beginning, when Enkidu was living in the wilderness with the animals, he was happier and at peace with the world. Even though he could help better another person, which would benefit more people, it was not worth his life. After Enkidu
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In most friendships, there will almost never be 50-50 an equal dedication to the friendship. There will always be one or the other that is more loyal and caring. In this situation, Enkidu was more loyal to Gilgamesh. Enkidu was put in more situations that he did not want to be in that tested his loyalty towards Gilgamesh. That is why we see Enkidu being more loyal to Gilgamesh in this story. Gilgamesh loyalty was not tested as much for Enkidu since Enkidu was never involved or trying to do anything bad or negative. We only saw where Gilgamesh stood by Enkidu side when he was sick. Gilgamesh showed loyalty towards Enkidu when he realized that nothing else mattered at the time when Enkidu died. Gilgamesh did not leave Enkidu side. Gilgamesh even realized the pain Enkidu went through during death and how he suffered. When Gilgamesh came to the realization about Enkidu, he did not want to experience death himself, so that is why he later sought immortal

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