The Epic Of Beowulf, By The Anglo Saxon Epic Poem, Beowulf Essay

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The Anglo-Saxon epic poem, Beowulf, describes a man with formidable strength and exceptional quality as a leader. As we see Beowulf become the epitome of an idealistic leader, he provided values and morals that most yearned to have in civilization. However, when constructing the idealistic leader in the story of Beowulf, the contrasting relationship between humans and nature plays a pivotal role in the development of Beowulf. Throughout the entirety of this story, we’re presented this binary labeled as good and evil. In order to become an epic hero of Beowulf’s caliber, humans must be the conqueror, not the conquered as it relates to nature. Going further into the binary, as it relates to evil portion, it would include: women, the uncivilized and nature. When constructing the idealistic leader, one must overcome this portion of the binary that includes women and the texts misogynistic principles, the uncivilized, and the natural world to become an individual of notoriety and eminence.
There is this intention within the story of misogynist ideologies, which is further represented by the binary that contrasts both men and women. In order to become this idealistic leader, men must control and subdue women. And throughout the story of Beowulf, we do not see many instances of men physically subduing women, however, there is a particular role that men must force the women to play that is directly opposite that of men. For example, during the mead hall ceremonies: “Hrothgar’s…

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