The Environmental Science Test Of My Brain Essay

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Sitting in the vast and vacant room 160, my mind ached as I stared intently at the AP environmental science test in front of me. Forcing my brain to function properly, I diligently answered question after question as the clock wound down, “tick, tick, tick, tick….” That’s when I noticed it, right there in front of me, another tester was cheating. She cheated rash and recklessly, head turning nearly ninety degrees in order to quickly transcribe the answers of her hapless neighbor. I swiftly scanned the room, only to discover that the testing proctor had fallen victim to his surprisingly seductive mobile phone. “Figures”, I thought as I felt a strong rush of nostalgia. When I was ten, I lived on a small raised ranch house in the suburbs of Windsor, Ontario. Not knowing any better, I befriended and became good friends with my neighbor’s twelve year old son, a half African-Canadian half white youth named Steven living with his single mother and two sisters. To the great distaste of my prejudice parents, I had become best friends with a poor half-black kid. One summer day, as I came home from school, I was greeted by a pleasant surprise; Steven was waiting for me in his front yard. Smiling gleefully, he eagerly waved a long metal baseball bat and a pair of battered and worn out mitts. Beckoning me over with his outstretched bat, he shouted, “Quick, drop your backpack, let’s go play some ball?” Eagerly accepting his offer, I quickly tore off my pack and excitedly chased after…

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