Free In Morality

Morality and responsibility are two complementary concepts, one is the obligatory result of the other. Human beings engage in acts of moral code from one side and non-moral rules from the other side in social life. The basic questions of philosophy are, Is there a purpose of moral action? And Is man free in moral actions?. By the end of this essay, I`m hoping to show that human beings are responsible for their actions and also moral actions by proving how free-will and determinism works in this concept.

As an independent field from philosophy, morality is a system of rules. It is a system of norms or values established to regulate people`s actions and their relations with each other. But first, we must look at how hard determinism and
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A free-will, in general, is the individual`s fulfillment of his wishes without pressure or coercion. In order to be able to evaluate human actions as “virtuous”, “positive”, or “negative”, they must be freely and willingly done. That been said, responsibility requires free-will. Libertarianism explains this idea very well that people have a seperation between their moral self and personality. The personality is the one that can be predicted by the laws. Yet, it is the opposite of moral essence, the moral self can resist personality suggestions. Thus, this is a big challenge I want to take up in here because most libertarians view of free-will can be reconciled with modern technology and science. However, libertarianism has empirical evidence that we all have experience of making decisions. To prove the relation to the given statement, human beings are responsible for the decisions they make as they have the experience. Therefore, it is not as if we do not recognize our free-will limitations, an argument has a balanced meaning on the subjective …show more content…
Now I see the answers to some of these questions. Let`s start with the basic question. “Is there a purpose of moral action ?.” Almost all of the philosophers on this question have said that there is a purpose for moral action. But they argued differently about what the purpose of the moral action was.According to some happiness, according to some benefit, according to whom pleasure. Of course, discussing the purpose is not enough to explain everything about our moral actions. In this case, we must look at the free-will. “Is man free in moral action ?.” There are different opinions on this question. One is the indeterminist view that human actions are free, and the determinist view that the other is not free. Thus, the will and the actions of man are determined by internal end external causes. These reasons, prevent the individual from making free decisions. Although, our moral actions are the products of

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