Relationship Between Morality And Morality

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Morality and responsibility are two complementary concepts, one is the obligatory result of the other. Human beings engage in acts of moral code from one side and non-moral rules from the other side in social life. The basic questions of philosophy are, Is there a purpose of moral action? And Is man free in moral actions?. By the end of this essay, I`m hoping to show that human beings are responsible for their actions and also moral actions by proving how free-will and determinism works in this concept.

As an independent field from philosophy, morality is a system of rules. It is a system of norms or values established to regulate people`s actions and their relations with each other. But first, we must look at how hard determinism and
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Almost every religion has a moral law. God is the source of the moral law in the only godly religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam and is the one who determined everything not just the faith but also the moral rules. For example, a woman walks on the road and a thief comes and steals her bag. I caught the thief and delivered the bag back to the woman. Then she carries out the planned massacre with the weapon in the bag and killed 20 people. If I was not there, she wouldn`t be able to kill 20 people. The question here is, is it my destiny to be there at that moment ? or Am I morally responsible for her killing 20 people with the help of me bringing the bag back to her? This shows that all of our destiny are connected together like a chain. Everything is pre-determined and it was my responsibility with my free-will and my choice to catch the thief but ended up with a bad action. Part of me is morally responsible from the bad action she committed but it was not my choice to be there at that moment and this shows that I`m also not morally responsible since everything is part of the chain. Therefore, destiny is separated from free-will because nobody knows or choose where and will be, yet we have the ability to make decisions on any situation and this makes us morally responsible from any actions we and will …show more content…
Now I see the answers to some of these questions. Let`s start with the basic question. “Is there a purpose of moral action ?.” Almost all of the philosophers on this question have said that there is a purpose for moral action. But they argued differently about what the purpose of the moral action was.According to some happiness, according to some benefit, according to whom pleasure. Of course, discussing the purpose is not enough to explain everything about our moral actions. In this case, we must look at the free-will. “Is man free in moral action ?.” There are different opinions on this question. One is the indeterminist view that human actions are free, and the determinist view that the other is not free. Thus, the will and the actions of man are determined by internal end external causes. These reasons, prevent the individual from making free decisions. Although, our moral actions are the products of

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