Essay On Free Will Existence

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At first glance it seems obvious that humans have free will. For example, if someone chooses chocolate ice cream over vanilla, it seems intuitive that they made that choice. Determinists, however, raise doubt into whether free will exists. A determinist believes that everything that happens in the universe is predetermined and can 't be changed. According to the determinist, an omniscient being would be able to predict everything that will ever happen just from the current state of the universe. They support this belief with the claim that everything in the world operates under the same strict physical laws, even the human mind. In other words, they see the mind as nothing more than the physical brain. Consequently, the choices a human makes would be regulated under the laws of physics, and no free will would exist. While determinists …show more content…
In other words, it seems obvious every time we make a choice that we are somehow in control of that choice. This perception has persisted through ought all of humanity and seems equally as obvious as any other human attributes such as rationality. However, it cannot be said that just because something seems true that it necessarily is. Rather, it is possible to disprove a seemingly self evident truth, but it takes an overwhelming amount of evidence to do so. For example, the idea, that if two objects of different weights are dropped from the same height, the heavier one will fall faster, is a seemingly obvious truth. However, we could see this is actually false with an overwhelming amount of quantitative evidence gathered from measurements. Determinists have enough evidence to shed doubt into free will, but not enough evidence to overcome the ever persisting notion that free will is real. Just as how reality was more likely than not to exist, even after Descartes shed doubt into it, free will remains more likely than

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