The Environment : A Controversial Issue Essay

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Coexisting with our environment
Knowing how exactly to take care of our environment has always been a controversial issue. Some environmentalists believe that humans are ruining the earth with air pollution, rapid industrialization, excess trash, deforestation, and water pollution. Some believe that not only are humans taking up precious space, but they are polluting the surrounding area as well. In fact, it is believed that the pollution seeps into the soil and waterways, affecting land far beyond the original settlements. Waste that is dumped into small rivers travel through channels and end up polluting the ocean. Trash such as small plastic caps from bottles or the plastic surrounding a six pack of soda makes its way into animals habitats and puts them at risk as well. For instance, an animal choking on the debris or getting stuck between the trash. But others believe that while we may be ruining environments in some aspects, in others we are creating new environments. When we tear down the surrounding trees and plants to make more room for us, we replant them in locations that better suit us. By creating gardens, parks, farm plots, nature trails, and new forests, some people believe we can give back to the environment but in a way the suits humans too. Foxes, raccoons, deer, birds, rabbits, coyotes, and other various animals can live in these replanted habitats and survive just as well if not better. Kaid Benfield, director of the sustainable communities smart…

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