Essay about The English And Spanish Language Arts

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During all of my academic experience, I have always exceled in both the English and Spanish Language Arts. As a young child I felt a need to immerse my head into books. While my peers discussed the new cartoon episodes all I could seem to talk about were the plots of the thick chapter books that I placed back on my bookshelf once I had finished reading them. In fact, I was not the type of kid that spent hours in front of a television set I have always preferred to discover a whole new world in pages attached to one another inside a hard cover. It is a mystery to me how I could mentally live something that I never actually physically lived. In the second grade I was reading 308 words per minute. My teacher thought it was astonishing, but I never thought much of it. As I grew older I realized that I was not only an avid reader, but that I was also extremely good at writing, and public speaking in both Spanish and English.
I have had the fortune to be raised in a home of Spanish speakers were I have developed an excellence in Spanish. On a daily basis I communicate with my family in Spanish. Spanish is my native language, thus it is part of who I am. When I started attending elementary school I was then introduced to the English language. I have surpassed the English standards due to the necessity of the language in today’s society. The rules that pertain to the grammar, the spelling, and the pronunciation of both languages are all vastly different, but I did not limit myself…

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