The Ending Of Wall Of Fire Rising By Edwidge Danticat

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The ending of “Wall of Fire Rising” was very traumatic compared to the rest of the story. Author Edwidge Danticat let the conclusion of the story be very vague, meaning there are multiple reason as well as outcomes for the way this story ended. Guy’s lack of proud based off of his failures in life played a part in his death. I didn’t think Guy was planning on killing himself because, he never gave any signs of having suicidal thoughts. I knew Guy always wanted to fly the air balloon, but he always talked about starting over and making things better for his self. Thinking back on the story all together he wasn’t happy with his life overall; especially not getting off the list so he can clean bathrooms at the sugar mill. Some other things he …show more content…
The reasoning behind his actions were to better the chances of his son getting a job when he became an adult, so he could be able to support his family properly. He figure if his son’s name was on the list now he would be working at the sugar mill without a doubt by the time he was an adult. He blamed his father for him not having a job because things could have been different for him if his name was put on the list sooner. The moral of this situation was not making the same mistake his father made, and later down the road having little Guy resent him for how his life could play out. Lili’s purpose for not wanting little Guy’s name on the list was because “she said for a young boy to be on any list like that might influence his destiny” (Danticat 56). Lili saw a bright future for little Guy, which didn’t involve working at the sugar mill. She believe he would be different as in successful in whatever he decided to do with his life. Lili thought putting him on that list was stopping him from having the drive to do whatever he wants to do with his life. In this time period Lili was looked at as a dreamer; someone who believed in the unbelievable compared to her husband Guy. He was a realist, someone who saw things how they were rather that be good or bad and reacted towards them in that

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