Summary Of Tim Madigan's Novel 'The Burning'

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The Terrors of Tulsa Tim Madigans novel titled “The Burning” informs the reader about the terrible things that happened in 1921 during the Tulsa Race Riot. Many people were mentally scarred while many others died. Madigans main purpose for writing this book was to notify the reader of the dreadful and disgusting acts that took place during this time. “The Burning” was published in 2001 to educate people, such as myself, that were unaware of these horrible actions. Madigan uses stories from survivors of the race riot to help him explain the tragedy. The Tulsa Race Riot is one of, if not, the worst display of racism in the country. Many that survived, of both races, left Tulsa citizens fearing for their lives. Everyone wanted to forget what had happened. A few days after the riot, the newspapers did not focus on the riot at all, instead the newspaper was focused on a flood that had killed people in Colorado. Madigan is qualified to teach people about this subject because he is a qualified journalist. He is getting information from people that experienced the tragedy first hand. Madigan includes stories from the point of views of whites and blacks in his novel. The tone and …show more content…
“In a comparatively short time… Tulsa and the world will forget the difficulties and Tulsa will have been aided by the occurrence, for it will mean stricter enforcement of the laws, and from the ashes of the Negro section will come a better Tulsa” (Madigan 596). The white people have found a way to suddenly make it seem like nothing happened. They have just caused so much tragedy to African American’s lives and they are just living the next day like nothing ever happened. After causing so much damage and terror they just decided everyone would forget about what had happened. The use of pathos in the novel appeals to the emotions of the reader giving them an understanding for the societal injustices that took place in

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