Lord Of The Flies Epilogue Analysis

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Epilogue Ralph looked back at the island. What was an uninhabited island with green vivid forests with sharp mountains and sparkling beaches was all now a large pile of burnt ash, spewing out smoke like a fountain spewing out water. As they boarded the ship, all the boys scrambled on quickly except Jack. He seemed to make a great effort, step by step to approach the ship. A sailor stepped down and extended his hand to help him. Jack seemed eager to take his hand. All the while, Jack kept muttering ‘I don’t deserve – I thought –’ The cruiser soon departed the forsaken island. A sailor named Wilson presented to Ralph his sleeping quarters. The quarters looked like luxury to Ralph compared to the shabby huts that he had built with Simon. Weary from his experience on the island, he wondered if he could ever forgive Jack. He rested for a while and tried to recall the first …show more content…
He heard footsteps behind him. On guard, Ralph abruptly turned around just in time to see a sober Jack. ‘What do you want?’ muttered Ralph, remembering how Jack treated him on the island. Expecting abrupt reaction, Ralph felt a hand on his shoulder instead. Jack looked at Ralph with teary eyes and the two expressed sadness regrets. For few seconds, Ralph saw the face of Simon saying, ‘You’ll get back to where you came from.’ The boys wept in silence together and bent lowly on the floor, their tears mixing together in droplets on the floor, resembling the two boys finally united. Upon arrival of the cruiser on the Thames River, a group of worried parents were waiting at the port to see their long lost sons. The captain had telegraphed the port who notified the schools that the missing schoolboys were rescued. He saw familiar long lost faces that had almost decomposed from his memory. As the schoolboys exited the cruiser and back on land, it took a while for the children to find their parents and parents to find their

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