Francis Fukuyama The End Of History Summary

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Yoshihiro Francis Fukuyama is one of the greatest American political scientist and economists. He is a renowned author as well and has written multiple documents and journals including the famous and controversial “The End of History and the Last man” in the year 1992. His book clearly describes the formation of the ultimate government by the human race after the years of sociocultural evolution of the human race based on the growth and influence of the Western lifestyle and freedom from the shackles of the Western capitalism dominance.
Acceptance of argument with Fukuyama that history is over:
The facts mentioned in the essay of Fukuyama are valid as per the details mentioned in his essay and the book related to the end of history. We actually agree on the fact that the history is finally over. The very controversial essay named “The End of History” that was published in The National Interest described the post liberal democratic form of a government and the formation of an ideological government by the human race. In his essay Fukuyama has clearly mentioned about the clash of interests between the eastern and the western ideologies. As per his theory and understanding, the western ideology of liberation and democracy emerged as the undisputed winner with proven examples of protests across the post Soviet Union related to the anti-communist thoughts
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He tries to put together relevant proofs to support his thesis. Although steep criticism and comments are expected to come if the world starts following on the path of the theory and findings provided by Fukuyama. Fukuyama states that if the world and the political leaders actually agree to his theories then people across the world can expect a better and peaceful future ahead in the coming

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