The Empowerment And Communication Of Leadership Essay

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The Empowerment and Communication in Leadership
The learner is writing about leadership in the workplace, and the value of a good leadership team in an organization. The performance of a leader with the team will affect the outcome for the organization. Another important step shown is how the leader empowers the team to better the organization. One will also learn the things that can keep a leader from empowering the team. For a leader to be efficient in the leadership and empowerment of the team, good communication is critical. In communicating, the leader and teams can learn from one another, if both are open and honest. All this things work together for a successful organization.
Leadership is the action of a person leading a group or team of people or an organization. To be a good leader, one must first be a good follower. To be a good leader one must be able to serve first and a leader is one that stands up and initiate things. Organizations often have problems with having ideal leaders the can identify when there is something missing or when something new needs to come about. In the case study, the Electrolux Chief Executive Straberg understood that there was a need for communication. Straberg decided to pull individuals from other departments and communicated the needs of the organization. “Leadership without motivation is like an airplane on the runway without fuel” (Rubenstein, 2005, p. 46). Leaders in organizations must use all the elements to makes…

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