The Emotional Intelligence Aspect Of My Statement Essay example

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Overall, my original purpose statement is still relevant. That being said, there should be more emphasis on the emotional intelligence aspect of my statement. In the program thus far, I’ve found there to be much more teamwork than I had initially anticipated. This makes sense, as it’s an accurate reflection of the kind of work environment and culture to be expected in the real business world. With this important realization in mind, it is clear that high emotional intelligence is integral to success in the business field. Another adjustment that needs to be made to my personal purpose statement is regarding the specificity of the term emotional intelligence. I now know that there are two main types of emotional intelligence and several layers within each type. In my first journal, I was referring to my individual emotional intelligence; I now realize that group emotional intelligence is just as important. After my time in the program and exposure to many team endeavors, I hope that my ability to create an emotionally intelligent group is heightened. Upon graduation, I strive to be able to tactfully establish helpful norms at the individual, group, and cross-boundary (group-to-group) levels. Establishing norms that regulate group emotions is especially key to productivity and team cohesiveness. What’s more, it safeguards against the emotional contagion which, in my experience, can have devastating implications on team performance.
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